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system protectionVirus / Spyware / Adware Protection, Scan and Removal – Is your computer running extremely slow or acting a bit strange?

Does this scenario sound familiar?

“My computer recently was attacked by a virus. I was able to remove the virus, but every couple of minutes, a pop-up shows, saying I have a security problem and now I can’t do anything and my computer will not boot to Windows.”

The chances are excellent that you have been infected with a new varient of one of many fake virus infections asking you to pay for an anti-virus program to get rid of it. Phony alerts are frequently designed to look like legitimate warnings, thereby attempting to fool you into clicking inside the alert window — the very action which can potentially cause your computer to become even more infected and potentially unusable. In some of the worst cases, hard drive corruption can occur.

We have had an almost 100% success rate in removing these insidious programs and restoring systems to their factory state. In rare cases reformatting and re-installing the operating system is the only option, This is rare but unfortunately it does happen.

If you notice this type of behavior on your computer, shut it down immediately by holding down the power button for a few seconds and call us at 631-771-3121. The longer your run your computer the greater the risk of a system failure.

These malicious programs are extremely difficult to cure and must be dealt with using DOS scanners before Windows is started.

Whether a hacker or identity thief has infected your computer or email with Trojans, malware, or other nasty enemies, we have the tools to cure your problem. First we’ll back up all of your documents, photos, music, e-mail and other important and irreplaceable files and well burn them to CD’s or DVD’s so you will have a permanent record. Then we’ll scan your entire hard drive and remove every trace of unwanted junk that slows down your computer and threatens the confidentiality of your personal and private information. We’ll also teach you how to keep your computer spotless and secure by preventing future outbreaks.